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All of the following council operated car parks enjoy FREE parking for 1 hour!

The closest public car parking is in the Charter multi-story car park, OX143LH on the right as you enter Stert Street. Bizarrely only the 2 lowest Levels are currently in use due to "urgent repair work" being required, this has been the case since March 4th 2021!- Clearly very urgent and not a great deal of use to shops, business and customers!
(see Street Plan below)
Once parked here we are the 4th Shop on the right as you enter Stert Street -situated between Mostly Books and Oxfam.

ALSO FOR DROPPING OFF OR COLLECTING LARGER ITEMS THERE ARE 3 DEDICATED LOADING BAYS (1 hour limit for loading & unloading) DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF OUR SHOP- (on the left hand side of Stert Street) 

There are 3 other car parks within short walking distance of the shop these are located at;
Civic Car Park, OX14 3JH,
Cattle Market, OX14 3JE.
Abbey Close OX143JE
Waitrose Car Park OX143HL
(2 hours free for Waitrose Customers)
Audlett Drive (adjacent to Waitrose carpark) OX14 3JH

Location map: Contact
Location map: Gallery
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